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Once a herd has been set up on the Signet database, the breeding records and weighsheets that are sent to breeders are pre-printed for ease of completion.

Signet has produced two guides on how to complete these forms:

New breeders can submit details relating to the young cattle in their herds using blank breeding records.

Additional Data Input Forms

The following forms have been designed to assist breeders with the submission of data:

Code Form Role
B1 Mature cow size
Word version
PDF version
Breeders wishing to record the mature size of their cows can now record these weights on an annual basis at weaning time.When weights are submitted breeders are also asked to record body condition score (1 to 5) and a management code; either commercial management (code 571) or standard pedigree management (code 572).This trait may be of particular importance for maternal breeds, where it may be desirable to limit increases in cow mature size, whilst continuing to improve calf growth rates.
B2 Udder and teat scores
Word version
PDF version
Breeders wishing to record udder and teat conformation can score their cows on an annual basis at calving time using a 3-point scale and submit data on the following form.EBVs for these traits will be produced once sufficient amounts of data have been collected.
B3 Docility scores (Limousin only)
Word version
PDF version
An initiative has been developed by Signet with the Limousin Cattle Society to assess and evaluate the docility of Limousin cattle. Click here for further details. (link to form Recording Docility in Beef Cattle).

Forms can be emailed to [email protected] or faxed to 024 7641 9071.

Supplying Data Electronically

Signet clients can supply data to Signet in an electronic format.

All clients must supply data in exactly the same format – using identities for the sires and dams of their calves which exactly match the identities of these animals held on BASCO.

If you are using Farm or Herd Management Software to store your records, then it may be worth speaking to your software provider about the facility to export data to Signet.

The file specification for supplying new animals records is shown below. This file can be used to supply details for new animals (purchased cows and bulls) or calving information.

Signet Beefbreeder client instructions for submitting electronic data updated

An Excel template is also available. This Excel file has an example in the top row.

Beefbreeder Excel spreadsheet for submitting electronic data