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Sussex Breeding Evaluation – April 2019

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Sussex Breeding Events

Signet was kindly invited to two breeding events at the Black Ven and Holm Place Herds of Sussex Cattle.

At Black Ven, Sussex breeders were told about maternal breeding strategies, the importance of using EBVs to meet herd breeding objectives and on a different subject – the importance of pasture management. The Black Ven herd has been involved in performance recording for many years and has made high rates of genetic gain. Time was spent discussing the high genetic merit stock bulls that have been used at Black Ven, including Trottenden General 9th – who has some of the highest maternal EBVs in the breed – for traits like milk production, calving interval and longevity.



At Holm Place time was spent discussing heifer selection. After an introduction to the farm by Mr John Lewis, Samuel Boon highlighted similarities between the handicapping system used for racehorses (the Grand National was on that afternoon) and the breeding values produced by Signet. Time was spent looking at the genetic gain made at Holm Place – where every heifer on the farm sits in the top half of the breed, with a number sitting in the top 10% according to their breeding merit for growth and carcase traits. The group also discussed the relative importance of interpreting calving ease EBVs within a breed with a good reputation for this trait. At Holm Place the breeding potential for growth rate has risen considerably in recent years, due to a large extent to careful heifer selection and also the use of high EBV stock sires – such as the trait leading Holm Place Wellington 3rd.

View the Black Ven herd presentation.

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