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Performance recorded rams claimed an extra 230gns per head over their unrecorded counterparts at the Exeter May Fair event, 7th- 8th May 2019.

103 rams sold to a sale average of 734gns. 30% of rams sold were Signet performance recorded and sold to an average of 898gns, whilst unrecorded rams sold to an average of 663gns.

Top price of the day went to lot 67, an unrecorded ram lamb from Thomas Wright and the Ballytaggart flock at 3400gns. Second, third and fourth top price went to recorded sheep in the top 5%, top 25%, and top 50% of the breed respectively based on terminal sire index.

Lot 17, a ram lamb from the Rossiter family (A26:B16084) sold for 3200gns.

Lot 116, a Poorton shearling ram from the Fooks stable (359:A0373) sold for 2300gns.

Lot 111, another shearling ram, Staverton Arnie (W46:A02167) from the Kemball family sold for 2200gns.

Seven of the top 12 prices went to Signet recorded rams. With recorded rams making up only 30% of the sale entry this indicates a strong demand for breeding values and rams with data behind them backing up their breeders’ claims.

  • Whole sale average – 734gns (top price 3400gns)
  • Recorded average – 898gns (top price 3200gns)
  • Unrecorded average – 663gns (top price 3400gns)
  • Top 5% index average – 1588gns (top price 3200gns)
  • Top 25% index average – 1042gns (top price 2300gns)
  • Top 50% index average – 867gns (top price 2200gns)


Photographer:  Graham Cubitt