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Hampshire Down Premier Breeders Sale, Shrewsbury

Charollais Premier Sale at Worcester

August saw three of the National Texel Ram Sales across the country. There were large numbers of excellent performance recorded animals available to purchase at all sales.

Scottish National Sale, Lanark Agricultural Centre 23 & 24 August.

Scottish National Texel Sale was a great day for all sellers involved with an overall clearance of 77%. Performance Recorded animals had great success in the sale ring with the top price and higher clearance rate than unrecorded animals.

The show day was successful for recorded animals, with the YDP Ram Lamb Class seeing the top three prizes going to Signet clients. First prize went to David Gray’s Tima Ace with an Index of 403, who went on to make 8800gns at the sale, 2nd prize was a Millars lamb (Lot 448) and 3rd prize from Plasucha (Lot 499). The Performance Recorded class had an excellent turn out, with a Teiglum lamb from Clark Farms taking 1st place (Lot 576), 2nd place went to Mullan Armani (Lot 114) and 3rd to Nochnary Am Yer Man (Lot 337).

The Shearling Ewes were sold after the show on Wednesday, there was an excellent clearance for Recorded females at 90%. Top recorded female price was 6200gns for a Cwmcerrig gimmer with an index within the Top 25% of the breed.

Prices at the main sale on Thursday soared, with the top prize of the day coming from a performance recorded animal, Sportsmans A Star (Lot 238 Index 354), from Boden & Davies making 130,000gns. Brian Hanthorns Mullan Armani, 2nd place in recorded class, made 42,000gns (Lot 114 Index 386). It was an excellent sale for Signet animals with half of the Top 10 Ram Lamb prices being performance recorded all of which were within the Top 10% of the breed.

Scottish National Texel Sale Ram Lambs
Total Sold Not Sold but Forward Clearance (%) Average (gns) Max (gns)
Top 10% 125 101 24 80.8 4519.90 130000
Top 25% 29 21 8 72.4 1752.38 11000
Average 17 12 5 70.6 1149.08 3200
Average 2 2 0 100.0 490.00 580
Below Ave 1 0 1 0.0 0.00 0
Recorded 174 136 38 78.2 2573.55 130,000
Not Recorded 367 283 84 77.1 1986.24 50000
Grand Total 541 419 122 77.4 2554.14 130,000

Performance Recorded Ram Lamb class Judging


English National, Worcester Market on the 28 & 29 August.

The show was very successful for Performance Recorded sheep with Supreme Champion taken by Sportsman’s Alabama (Lot 375) a Ram Lamb within the Top 25% of the breed, who had come first in a strong class of Ram Lambs. Reserve Champion was also taken by a performance recorded ram from M&C Millars flock, Millars Abu Dhabi with an Index of 357, within the Top 1% of the breed. This ram lamb took 1st place within the Performance Recorded ram class and was member of the Group of three, along with two other top 10% lambs that also took 1st place.

The Performance Recorded class overall had a great turn out with 14 lambs forward. 2nd Place was an Ettrick Lamb from Gordon Gray – Ettrick Auld Lang Syne (Lot 293, Index 374) and third place awarded to a Claybury Texels – Claybury Atlas (Lot 211, Index 451).

The sale the following day was successful for all breeders with an overall clearance of 72%. Performance recorded stock had an overall clearance rate of 69%. The joint top price for Recorded animals of 5500gns went to the Supreme and Reserve Show Champions. The female sale was successful for recorded animals with a higher clearance rate and premium prices seen. Top price recorded female was a Tima gimmer from David Gray who is within the Top 5% of the breed.

English National Texel Sale Ram Lambs
Index Percentile Total Sold Not Sold but Forward Clearance (%) Average (gns) Max (gns)
Top 10% 93 64 29 69 1150.00 5500
Top 25% 32 17 15 53 1005.88 5500
Average 21 13 8 62 513.85 1050
Below Ave 3 1 2 33 480.00 480
Recorded 149 95 54 64 1139.26 5500
Not Recorded 141 97 44 69 1245.57 17000
Grand Total 290 192 98 66 1138.96 17000

Supreme and Reserve Show Champions.

Supreme Champion Sportsman’s Alabama from Boden & Davies on left. Reserve Champion Millars Abu Dhabi from M & C Millar on right.



Welsh National at Welshpool Market, 26 August.

The show saw the Supreme Champion taken by a shearling ewe within the Top 5% of the breed from Peter Woof’s Stainton flock. She went on to become the top price of the day reaching 7800gns. The sale was excellent for performance recorded females with 100% clearance rate with nearly a 400gns premium price on those with performance figures.

The overall trade of Ram Lambs was limited due to the large sale of Ram Lambs at Lanark earlier in the week. However there was over 10% higher clearance rate for those with figures compared to unrecorded lambs. Performance recorded shearlings also had a higher clearance rate than unrecorded animals. A performance recorded shearling ram within the Top 10% of the breed from CE Pryce – Caereinion Your Rock Solid – made 5000gns at the sale.

Welsh National Texel Sale Shearling Ewes
Index Percentiles Total Sold Not Sold but Forward Clearance (%) Average (gns) Max (gns)
Top 10% 4 4 0 100 2300 3000
Top 25% 6 6 0 100 713.33 1000
Average 1 1 0 100 480 480
Below Ave 2 2 0 100 550 600
Recorded 13 13 0 100 1093.57 3000
Not Recorded 66 52 14 78.8 697.31 5800
Grand Total 79 65 14 82.3 789.54 5800