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RamCompare: AI Rams used for mating in 2015

The following rams are being used via artificial insemination to create linkage between the farms.



Ortum Supersire 05, 78X:F49Ortum Supersire

Ortum Supersire 05 bred by Richard Garner is a widely used reference ram. This son of Ortum Top’s 04 is by a maternal line going back to another reference ram, Robinson’s Supersire 02. With 274 progeny across a dozen flocks this ram provides great linkage into the recorded population. Sold to the Drinkstone flock as a stock sire, he has sired many pedigree stock rams.



Kersey Nutcracker, C41:N22Kersey Nutcracker

Kersey Nutcracker was an important outcross for sire reference scheme members in 2010, being a son of Tomcroft Javelin. With 262 progeny across four flocks, he went on to become the senior stock ram at James Barker’s Lavendon flock.



Wernfawr Magnum, XEV:1200325Wernfawr Magnum

Wernfawr Magnum was winner of the recorded class and supreme champion at the Worcester Premier Charollais Sale 2012. Magnum was sold for 5200gns to the Wedderburn Flock belonging to J D R & J L Corbett.

With over 230 progeny in at least 6 flocks, this stock rams has been a highly influential sire in the Wedderburn flock. By Glantern Legend out of a Coldharbour ewe – he combines a number of influential breeding lines.


Dalby Malachite, PE:1201501 Dalby Malachite

Dalby Malachite has some of the best high indexing Dalby genetics on both sides of his pedigree and is in the joint ownership of four leading recorded flocks.

Purchased for £6,500 in 2012 – at the same sale as Magnum list above – he was bought by Robert Gregory, Edstaston flock, Abbie Moseley, Knockin flock, Andrew & Jan Walton, Rainbow flock and Tim Greenow, Fortress flock. Malachite has over 200 progeny on the ground in recorded flocks.

Joint owner Andrew Walton writes “This ram would be an excellent choice for the study because his muscling is in the top 3% of the breed, with progeny from him in many pedigree and commercial flocks. He has a great phenotype and is an outstanding example of the UK Charollais breed”



Gaynes Major, CMG06129Gaynes Major

Described as a big powerful sheep, well fleshed with plenty of scope. This Lumbylaw Java son has been an influential stock ram at the Aragon, Gaynes and latterly Collwood flock of Trinidad Investments.

With over 200 progeny on the ground, he still ranks impressively within the breed for a 2006 born sheep. His pedigree contains many of the influential sire reference scheme rams of the past and was a logical foundation ram for the Collwood flock, managed by Peter Sutton at Trinidad Investments.

Roxburgh Shot Gun Willie, EJR1101108Roxburgh Shotgun Willie

Bought for 3400gns – the second highest price on the day – Roxburgh Shot Gun Willie is one of the stock rams at Mathew Prince’s Stonedge and Hightecs flocks. At the time he was the second highest indexed lamb in the country. He is sired by Drinkstone Peacemaker (PJP09040) and out of a dam by Lumbylaw Malton (ORL06083). This ram has over 250 progeny in a number of flocks and semen has previously been available through the EBLEX Ram Linkage Scheme.


Hampshire Down

Kelsey HeroKelsey Hero, 18U09346  is a son of Yarcombe Erroll.

With over 80 lambs on the ground already in the Hampshire breed in five different flocks it will be interesting to see how this high growth rate sire performs.




Thorganby HRF:02731 IMG_3608


Meatlinc rams are rarely named or ever enter the show ring for that matter. All Meatlinc breeders are interested in is their genetic potential for producing a high quality, fast growing, commercial lambs as quickly as possible.

The annual Meatlinc selection day is the one occasion when rams and their progeny come together for inspection and this ram was well regarded by the group and has subsequently been used as a reference ram in each recorded Meatlinc flock. In recent years the Meatlinc group have CT scanned every potential stock ram that will be used by the group. As a lamb the CT scanner deemed him to have extreme genetics for muscle yield and he currently has an index of over 400.

RamCompare: Natural Service Rams

The following rams are being used via natural service on individual farms in Year 1.

Here is a breakdown of rams being across the six farms – including a series of “farm choice rams” that were already on the holding or recently purchased by the farm for commercial lamb production.

Sion Williams, Bowhill Estate, Bowhill, Selkirk           

Essie 612 – Flockbook Number H6:14:006121 RamCompare Phase One Farm Rams 2015 108 Suffolk H6 14 00612

Suffolk bred by Irene Fowlie, Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire. High index son of Essie Sampson with Top 1% EBVs for growth and carcase traits.






Drinkstone Union – Flockbook Number PJP13047272 RamCompare Phase One Farm Rams 2015 112 Texel PJP1304727

Texel bred by Arnold and John Park, Hawick and used as a stock ram with Neil and Debbie McGowan – with over 40 pedigree Texel lambs on the ground.





Foulrice 4849 – Flockbook Number 14DG048493 RamCompare Phase One Farm Rams 2015 102 Charollais 14DG04849

Charollais bred by Charles and Valarie Marwood, Yorkshire. This is a high growth rate lamb from the forage fed March born flock, produced and reared by a ewe lamb.





Allison 9618 – Flockbook Number GA:1496184 RamCompare Phase One Farm Rams 2015 125 Meatlinc GA149618

Meatlinc bred by George Allison, Carnwath, Lanarkshire. High index ram sired by Thorganby genetics with superior gigot muscularity EBVs.





Farm Choice: Texel UK 0 561473 114735 RamCompare Phase One Farm Rams 2015 106 Farmchoice Texel PR11473

Texel UK 0 561473 11473 is a non-registered, non-Signet recorded ram whose family tree contains both New Zealand Texel genetics (sire) and leading recorded UK breeding lines. Avon Vale Real Deal is his maternal grandsire. Based on information from relatives his index is close to breed average, with above average muscling expected across the loin.





Duncan Nelless, Thistleyhaugh Farm, Morpeth, Northumberland

Rugley 4080 – Flockbook Number 10P:14:040806 RamCompare Phase One Farm Rams 2015 141 Suffolk 10P 14 04080

Suffolk bred by Alan Jackson, Alnwick, Northumberland. March born ram with extremely high EBVs for Scan Weight and Muscle Depth.






Penygelli 1307 – Flockbook Number PAP14013077 RamCompare Phase One Farm Rams 2015 145 Texel PAP1401307

Texel bred by Alwyn Phillips, Caernafon, Gwynedd. March born ram by a home bred sire and possessing one of the highest Muscle Depth EBVs in the country.





Foulrice 4690 – Flockbook Number 14DG046908 RamCompare Phase One Farm Rams 2015 157 Charollais 14DG04690

Charollais bred by Charles and Valarie Marwood, Yorkshire. March born, high index son of senior stock ram at Foulrice, Dalby Mount Aloe – who has over 550 lambs already on the ground. This ram is from a breeding line with high levels of muscling across the loin.




Raburn 545 – Flockbook Number 26X145459 RamCompare Phase One Farm Rams 2015 150 Hampshire Down 26X14545

Hampshire Down bred by Joe Henry, Northumberland. This son of Kelsey Knight was born at the end of April and reared outdoors on forage.






Farm Choice: Hampshire Down, Kelsey Lysander, 18U1324910 RamCompare Phase One Farm Rams 2015 147 Farmchoice Hampshire Down 18U13249 Kelsey

Kelsey Lysander is a son of Pode Hole Hector and already has 10 Hampshire Down progeny recorded on BASCO. This ram has been used in previous seasons on the commercial flock at Thistleyhaugh and currently has EBVs close to the breed average.






Philip and Charlie Whitehouse, Bradley Farm, Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire

EasyRams 3934 – Flockbook Number NZZ:14:0393411. Easyram NZZ 14 03934

Suffolk bred by Robyn Hulme, Shrewsbury. This progeny tested NZ bred Suffolk is out of one of the top NZ breeding lines – the imported sire, Nithdale 185/11 with over 200 progeny on the ground in the UK. Reared on forage and appears to have been running wild in Shropshire until he was tracked down for this project.



Kimbolton Voyager – Flockbook Number PPK140041712 PPK1400417 Kimbolton

Texel bred by Paul Philips, Herefordshire and sired by trait leading Avon Value Real Deal, a ram whose semen was made available to producers as part of AHDB’s Ram Linkage Scheme with nearly 400 progeny on the ground.




Lowerye 706 – Flockbook Number 13ZVY00706

Charollais bred by Neil Oughton, Montgomeryshire. This ram has breed leading carcase attributes and high growth rates; he is by Lowerye Lord, widely used stock ram at Lowerye with over 275 progeny on the ground.


Thorganby 4746 – Flockbook Number HRF:0474614 RamCompare Phase One Farm Rams 2015 229 Meatlinc HRF04746

Meatlinc bred by George Fell, Yorkshire. This April born Meatlinc has been CT scanned, which identified superior breeding potential for gigot muscularity.





Farm Choice: Glyn Coch Monster Munch XCA:1200275

This Charollais stock ram was bred by Adrian Mansel Davies and has been used for several seasons at Bradley Farm. Monster Munch was fully recorded with Signet and has been through the CT scanner – he had a high gigot muscularity score, with his main strength being his high gigot muscularity EBV.


Antony Pearce, Moat Farm, Stoke Mandeville, Buckinghamshire

Lavendon 82 – Flockbook Number Y51:13:08215 RamCompare Phase One Farm Rams 2015 178 Suffolk Y51 13 082

Suffolk bred by James Barker, Buckinghamshire. This ram is Lavendon breeding for two generations, with many of the notable Sire Reference Scheme rams in his back pedigree. Selected for high growth rate and muscling, this ram also possesses a high positive Fat Depth EBV.




Miserden Valegro – Flockbook Number AAS140135116 RamCompare Phase One Farm Rams 2015 177 Texel AAS1401351

Texel bred by Sue and Aubrey Andrews, Stroud, Gloucestershire. Valegro has very high EBVs for growth rate and muscling. This March born and forage reared ram is sired by Meon Down Rob Roy, well regarded stock ram at Miserden.




Crogham 641 – Flockbook Number 14AB0064116B RamCompare Phase One Farm Rams 2015 170 Charollais 14AB00641

Charollais bred by Jonathan and Carroll Barber, Wymondham, Norfolk. This ram is by former Premier Sale Champion and subsequent Three Counties Interbreed Champion, Loanhead Monarch of the Glen – a sire with very high muscling across the loin and approximately 350 progeny already recorded by Signet.




Aspley 386 – Flockbook Number 92W140038617 RamCompare Phase One Farm Rams 2015 183 Hampshire Down 92W1400386

Hampshire Down bred by George and Sara Wood, Warwickshire. This ram, by homebred Aspley Shackleton was chosen because of his Scan Weight EBV which is within the Top 1% of the Hampshire Down breed.





Farm Choice: Suffolk Lavendon Y51:13:06818 RamCompare Phase One Farm Rams 2015 187 Farmchoice Suffolk Y51 13 068

Suffolk ram bred by James Barker, Buckinghamshire in 2012. This ram combines New Zealand and elite Sire Reference Scheme genetics to possess trait leading EBVs for growth and carcase traits. He has already been used on the commercial flock in previous seasons.




Sion and Claire Williams, Beili Ficer Farm, Llandeilo, Carmathenshire           

Bentley Olympic Gold – Flockbook Number 239:11:12019. Bentley Olympic Gold Sheep May 2012 079a

Suffolk bred by Charles Harding, Warwickshire. Olympic Gold already has over 150 Signet recorded progeny on the ground and accuracy values for his EBV of 95%+. He has extremely high genetic potential for growth and carcase attributes, accompanied by a positive Fat Depth EBV to ensure easy finishing.




Tynewydd 927 – Flockbook Number MDY140092720. RamCompare Phase One Farm Rams 2015 198 Texel MDY1400927

Texel bred by Deri Morgan, this late February born ram was chosen for his high growth rate EBVs. He is a son of Bryn Deri Utah who is himself by Glenside Razzle Dazzle. Tynewydd were Champion Texel flock in Wales in 2010.




Lowerye 1279 – Flockbook Number 14ZVY0127921 RamCompare Phase One Farm Rams 2015 191 Charollais 14ZVY01279

Charollais bred by Neil Oughton, Montgomeryshire. This ram is from a breeding line with extremely high muscling across the loin and within the gigot. He is sired by Micklehills Munch Bunch, former stock ram at Lowerye with over 100 Signet recorded progeny on the ground.




Vines 2300 – Flockbook Number EV:130230022 RamCompare Phase One Meatlinc replacement EV1302300 3

Meatlinc bred by Edward and Richard Vines, Herefordshire. This Meatlinc was part of the breeding team in 2014 and already has lambs on the ground in Herefordshire as a result. Bred by a homebred sire and reared under extensive commercial conditions.




Farm Choice: Foulrice DG:09509

This older Charollais ram has been stock ram with Sion and Claire Williams for several years. He is breed average for muscling characteristics and slightly below breed average for growth rate.


Ian Robertson, Chawton Park Farm House, Nr Alton, Hampshire

Kersey 812 – Flockbook Number C41:14:0081223 best image C41 14 00812

Suffolk bred by Chris and Sarah Partridge, Suffolk. This March born Heriot Tweed son has trait leading breeding potential for growth and carcase traits – being in the Top 1% of the breed for growth rate and possessing a slightly positive fat depth to ensure ease of finishing.





Miserden 1255 – Flockbook Number AAS140125524 Ian Robertson Texel AAS1401255 Sep 2015

Texel bred by Sue and Aubrey Andrews, Stroud, Gloucestershire. March born son of homebred, Miserden Tchaikovsky has some of the highest EBVs for growth rate in the breed – combined with exceptional EBVs for muscling across the loin. This ram also has good lambing ease EBVs for an animal with such extreme growth and carcase attributes.


Dalby- 14PE03089

Charollais ram 14PE03089


Ian Robertson Charollais 14PE03089 Sept 2015


Yarcombe 141320 Quadrant – Flockbook Number 30N140132026 Hampshire 30N1401320 Quadrant. jpg

Hampshire Down bred by the Derryman family, Honiton, Devon. This former Yarcombe stock ram has already been progeny tested within the National Hampshire Down breeding evaluation. He has good genes for growth rate in particular and is an excellent example of the breed.





Farm Choice: Micklehills, 14ZWA0335527 Ian Robertson FarmChoice Charollais 14ZWA03355 Sept 2015

Charollais shearlings bred by Charles and Helen Sercombe. This son of Dalby Next GT has high growth rate EBVs and good muscling.