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Signet Meetings for Terminal Sire Breeders

RamCompare Update: Free semen available to pedigree breeding flocks Read more...

BRIDFA legacy to boost sheep breeders

2018 Saliva IgA Testing

 Buying a recorded Hampshire Down in 2018?

Hampshire Down Breeding Evaluation – September 2018

Hampshire Down Premier Sale – June 2018

Hampshire Down Breeding Evaluation – June 2018

Hampshire Down Breeding Evaluation – March 2018

HDSBA Performance Recording Workshop, Edinburgh Marriot Hotel, October 2017

On the 7th October,  speakers from Signet, SRUC and QMS met with Hampshire Down breeders in Scotland to discuss performance recording with both current and prospective Sheepbreeder clients.

Signet Presentations are available below:

Hampshire Down Connectedness Run – Autumn 2017

This Excel sheet shows the connectedness (genetic linkage) between individual flocks within the breed analysis.  Whilst colour categories show the degree of linkage between flocks as being adequate (green), limited (amber) and low (red) the most important aspect of this report is the relative ranking of flocks to each other – something that can be deduced from looking at this table.

For more information about connectedness, click here.

Hampshire Down National Show and Sale – July 2017

Click the here to read the report from the National Show and Sale.

RamCompare Update – January 2017

Click the link to read the latest RamCompare update for the Hampshire Down breed

Hampshire Down Inbreeding

Click the link to read the latest report on inbreeding rates within the national Hampshire Down flock and see trends over the last 15 years. Also included, an explanation on how to interpret inbreeding values on BASCO and links to use the new BASCO inbreeding tool.


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