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 May Fair 2016 – Sale report

Recorded sheep made a big impact at the Dorset May Fair with high index recorded rams amongst the leading prices.

Amongst the recorded flocks, ram lambs from Richhill, Huish, Downkillybegs and Ballytaggart were amongst the leading prices.

Top price on the day went to David and Richard Rossiter with a Huish bred ram lamb in a sale where half of the top 12 prices for recorded ram lambs came for animals in the Top 10% of the breed.

Ram lambs with high muscle depth EBVs were particularly in demand with seven ram lambs in the top 1% of the breed averaging £1072 – a premium of £300/ram over the average price for a recorded ram lamb

Winner of a strong Signet class was a high figured ram lamb from William and Karen Carson, Downkillybegs – pictured here with Stephen West.

Class winner








Changes to Signet’s Poll Dorset and Dorset Horn Breeding Evaluation – January 2014

Estimated Breeding Values are calculated using knowledge of the heritability of different traits (the degree to which variation between animals is influenced by their genes) and the genetic relationships between these traits. Periodically these “genetic parameters” are reviewed to ensure that they are appropriate for the breed being analysed.

AHDB Beef and Lamb/Signet has recently funded SRUC/EGENES to review the genetic parameters used in the evaluation of Dorset sheep.

This major piece of work has developed:

  • A new set of heritability values and genetic correlations using a dataset of Dorset records for animals born between 2003 and 2012.
  • A better way to calculate EBVs for Maternal Ability and Litter Size (Born)
  • Two new EBVs for Birth Weight and Litter Size (Reared)
  • Updated Breeding Indexes for the Dorset breed

For more information read:-

Photos from the event can be accessed here.