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New Bull Breeding Manual released

Turbo Blue Texels Open Day

Hampshire Down Premier Sale Report

Understanding ram breeding traits to suit your lamb production system and improve target market specification Read more...

Romney Breeding Evaluations – September 2018

Romney Breeding Evaluations – August 2018

Romney Breeding Evaluations – June 2018

Romney Connectedness Run – Autumn 2017

This Excel sheet shows the connectedness (genetic linkage) between individual flocks within the breed analysis.  Whilst colour categories show the degree of linkage between flocks as being adequate (green), limited (amber) and low (red) the most important aspect of this report is the relative ranking of flocks to each other – something that can be deduced from looking at this table.

For more information about connectedness, click here.

Breeding for Worm Resistance – July 2017

Latest update informing breeders on Breeding for worm resistance using Saliva IgA Tests.

Romney Breeders Meeting – January 2014

On the 8th January 2014 a group of Romney Sheep breeders met at the Conningbrook Hotel in Ashford to discuss performance recording within the breed. Samuel Boon gave a presentation (see link below) and answered many questions from the breeders. As a result, a number of breeders expressed an interest in performance recording over the coming year. Further information of Romney Performance Recording can be obtained from Signet Breeding Specialist Sam Boon [email protected]

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