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Signet Meetings for Terminal Sire Breeders

RamCompare Update: Free semen available to pedigree breeding flocks Read more...

BRIDFA legacy to boost sheep breeders

2018 Saliva IgA Testing

Buying a recorded Suffolk in 2018?

Welsh Suffolk breeders get funding boost – Sept 2018

Suffolk Breeding Evaluation – October 2018

Suffolk Breeding Evaluation – August 2018

Suffolk Breeding Evaluation – June 2018

Suffolk Breeding Evaluation – April 2018

Suffolk Connectedness – March 2018

Thinking of recording your Suffolk sheep?

The new Signet fee structure gives the Suffolk breed a great opportunity to get involved in recording, click here to read the latest leaflet from AHDB Beef & Lamb promoting the importance of recording to new breeders.

 RamCompare Update – January 2017

Click the link to read the latest RamCompare update for the Suffolk breed

Suffolk Inbreeding

Click the link to read the latest report on inbreeding rates within the national Suffolk flock and see trends over the last 15 years. Also included, an explanation on how to interpret inbreeding values on BASCO and links to use the new BASCO inbreeding tool.

 A Maternal Breeding Index for Suffolk Sheep

Egenes were asked by Signet and the Suffolk Sheep Society to develop a maternal index for the Suffolk breed. It was suggested that this index mimic the Dorset maternal index and include litter size, maternal ability and eight week weight as the selection criteria.

This document includes information on the genetic parameters and a new base for the index.

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