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Breeding for Worm Resistance – Saliva IgA

Sheepbreeders Roundtable 2017 ‘Thinking Positively’

Collecting Faecal Egg Counts

Nominations of Rams and Semen for RamCompare

Texel Breeding Evaluation – July 2017

RamCompare Update – January 2017

Click the link to read the latest RamCompare update for the Texel breed

Texel Breeding Evaluation – May 2017

Texel Inbreeding

Click the link to read the latest report on inbreeding rates within the national Texel flock and see trends over the last 15 years. Also included, an explanation on how to interpret inbreeding values on BASCO and links to use the new BASCO inbreeding tool.

Texel National Sale Reports

Click the link to read the reports for the English and Scottish national Texel sales.

Click the link to read the Welsh national Texel sale report.

Breeding Charts for the National Texel Sales in Scotland, England & Wales 2015

The links below show pdfs of the Breeding Charts for the National Sales in 2015


Texel CT scanning explained

Click here to for more information on CT scanning and how it can benefit your flock.

Articles published in the Feburary 2012 Texel Society Bulletin

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