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Dorset May Fair Summary – May 2019

While EBVs aid the selection of breeding stock for specific traits they can also be combined into breeding indexes.

Each trait is weighted within the index according to its economic importance in meeting a specific breeding objective or set of objectives.

The breeding index produced helps breeders to rank sheep.

The Sheepbreeder Service produces several different indexes:

Index Main breeds using the index
Terminal Sire Index Charollais, Hampshire Down, Ile de France, Meatlinc, Poll Dorset, Suffolk, Texel Vendeen
Maternal Index Some Lleyn and Poll Dorset flocks
Longwool Index Blue Faced Leicester
Welsh Index /
Carcase + Index
Welsh hill breeds, such as Beulah and Welsh Hardy Speckles and the Lleyn
Hill 2 Index Scottish Blackface and North Country Cheviot

For more information see our fact sheet Breeding Indexes